Virtual meetup every Thursday: you are all invited



SEE UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS HERE: New link for Virtual Meetups

Hi everyone!
We had a first online meetup, following an idea of @voelter (read more here.

Well, it was a lot of fun and super interesting, so we are going to repeat it.

Each time we are going to have a short demo or presentation and a lot of discussion.

It is going to be amazing!


Every Thursday at 6PM CET Time (it used to be at 7PM).


To join you can connect to Zoom using this link:

You do not need a Zoom subscription

Who can participate?

Everyone who is reading this :slight_smile:

Can I have a calendar invitation?

If you want I can send you a calendar invitation, so you do not risk forgetting. If you want it, write your email here or send me a private message, or if you have my email write to me there.

That’s all, I am looking forward to see you online!


Thank you everyone for participating to the meeting tonight!

Today we discussed about the Active Repository proposal from @voelter . You can read it in the topic A proposal for a future tool platform

Next week @pjmolina will give us a demo of a web platform he and his company are working on. @pjmolina please correct me if I am wrong and feel free to share more details.

We may also continue the discussion on how to split the Active Repository into something we can handle with limited resources.

I am looking forward to discuss with all of you!


Thank you everyone for joining the meetup once more!

Today we had 16+ persons, I just could not see everyone in the Zoom interface :slight_smile:

For people who missed it: @pjmolina gave us a great presentation of different related tools and he will share more on the forum, possibly recording a demo, if I understood correctly.

We have also discussed a little bit more about the Active Repository idea from Markus: the idea is having a few people dedicating 10 days over 3 months to get something done.

Regarding topics for next time:

  • If possible we will get a presentation from IncQuery, as their technology would be a core component for the first implementation of the Active Repository
  • Otherwise @voelter will demo a DSL for particles

Topics people would be interested in seeing:

  • Demos from the MPS-Web solution by Sascha
  • Project-it by @jos.warmer

We will hope to secure those presentations in the future but please come forward and propose more stuff to demo.

Also, if you have any suggestion to improve the meetup please give us feedback


Thank you for these summaries, Federico.
I have a weekly appointment every Thursday which is hard to impossible to shift, so I’m afraid I cannot participate myself.

One thing I’m particularly interested in is how the communication between Active Repository and front end will look like. Maybe someone who attended the meetings is willing to share some details what data exchange format or technique is planned?
I’d like to try and see if my web-front end solution would be able to interact with the repository as well. I’m starting a new job on Monday, so my time will be more limited from now on, but I’m still curious.


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Sorry about that

We did not go yet in these details. Basically we need to see if the POC would be based on the IncQuery’s solution or not


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I love the idea, but 7 is dinner time here, and with a 13 month old I can’t stay away from that.
It seems everybody wants to use Thursday, b.t.w., I also had to decline CodeControl, AWS and Agile Milano meetings - all weekly on Thursday between 5PM and 8PM for some reason.

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As far as I remember we didn’t have any strong arguments for this time. So we can vote and change:

Hi Niko, this could be a good idea.

We could point the participant to this poll this evening.

I have to say that the specific tool is not that intuitive :slight_smile:
And another thing: the name is “Strumenta” not “Instrumenta”

I would like to participate , I think here in Uruguay is Thursday 2pm can you send me the invitation just in case

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Google event invite sent!

Missed the poll completely. Is this still a Thursday evening event?

Yes, it has been confirmed to go on every Thursdsay at 7 PM CEST

Va bene. I’ll see if I can join every once in a while, but not won’t be weekly.

Hey everyone. First, a big thanks to @ftomassetti for organizing everything.

I’ve noticed that these meetups are “by design” not being recorded.

While I understand the spirit of that idea (encouraging direct communication), for the meetups like today’s one, where there will be an actual presenter which will do a demo of a specific (until this moment totally unknown to me) technology, there will fewer interactions (by the nature of the thing being, and I quote “a tutorial”).

As with others, 7PM is not a great time for me since it’s family dinner time. I don’t expect everyone to accommodate me of course, but recording the sessions like this one for later consumption is IMO a very simple way to make this community accessible to even wider spectrum of people.

In any case, greetings to everyone from the south of France!


My pleasure! This community is been proving very useful for me too

It is not just that: is that people feel a bit more reluctant in presenting if these conversations are recorded. Also, being a “closed” community, presenters sometimes share things that they would not be comfortable sharing with a larger audience, like the occasional remark on a confidential project. This becomes more complicated if we record the conversation.

I personally would consider problematic to record just some of the conversations because participants would be confused (“I thought also presentation X was going to be recorded!”) and it could lead to pressure to presenters to agreeing on recording the presentation.

In this particular case there was a lot of interaction and we went also well over time because of this :slight_smile:

I understand your issue, and you are not only one having this issue. For people in America this time fall in the middle of their working day and some time it is an issue, for people in Asia is just too late (and in fact no one participate from East to Europe). For people in Northern Europe this comes right after dinner, for people in Southern Europe it comes just before (and sometimes delay the dinner :D), for people in other countries it comes right at dinner time.

We also tried having a poll to evaluate other times but this came out as the preferred time.

I am not an experienced community manager and I am figuring out things as we go but it is clear that every solution we can find has drawbacks for many persons.

I think these meetings are different from recorded tutorials because of the conversations which are going on. We could encourage speakers to later record a version of the tutorial, perhaps considering the feedback emerged during the conversation in the Virtual Meetup.

I would be happy to do whatever I can to help presenters record and share these tutorials.

Regarding this particular presentation there are websites where you can find relevant information: the best starting point is probably this one:

Nice! Where in the South of France? I lived for a while in Lyon and I was hoping to spend the summer in France this year, before COVID-19 came up :slight_smile:

The best part :wink: Cote d’Azur. Specifically, Antibes-Juan Les Pins, very close to Cannes.

You may still consider it. We had very low number of cases in the area, despite fears of the opposite due to the proximity to Italy (we’re literally 50km from the border). If I’m not mistaken, you’re barely 4 hours away by car, should be real easy to get here.

If you do come over and you’re in the area, please ping me if you’re interested to meet. I am a small business owner and a software geek with a passion for parsing like yourself, we may have a few things to talk about :smile: over some nice cold Rosé (assuming you’re into that kind of thing).

This is an excellent idea. It’s a win-win: the meetup serves them as a kind-of “focus group” except the participants are skilled and ask the right questions :smile: which leads to top-notch recorded version.

Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response.

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I spent a couple of summer in that area (BIOT)

I had booked a vacation in Brittany & Normandy but I have canceled. I will go in the mountains, 30 minutes from Briançon

I hope I will get the chance one day!

You bet! :smiley:

My pleasure! I am looking forward to a lot of interesting conversations. Thank you for joining the community

Note that we moved the time to be one hour earlier from September!