Virtual Meetup: a new approach to development using the Glamorous Toolkit

I am very happy to announce our next Virtual Meetup, this Thursday, the 10th of September.

Tudor Gîrba (@girba) is going to present us the Glamorous Toolkit ( This platform is an innovative concept which we can think as a combination of software analysis tool, editor, and data visualization combined to obtain a system that can be explored and modified through different projections.

Tudor is the CEO of and has worked for many years on this direction. After obtaining his PhD from the University of Bern he has worked on Pharo and Moose to later introduce the concept of “Moldable development”, which is now at the basis of Glamorous Toolkit.

How to connect

After the summer we moved the meetup one hour earlier! From now on we will host them at this time.

If this is your first meetup you will find all the instructions to connect here:

(Long story short: click here Launch Meeting - Zoom)

It is hosted on Zoom at 6PM GMT+2/CEST (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: Dateful Time Zone Converter).


I have been getting this for the previous session and today attempts:

Looks like time difference issue but I get please wait for the host to start the meeting, waited on long.

God blesses!!!

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During the meetup with Tudor, I mentioned two tools:

  • Joplin, that I use a lot, combining the application with the browser extension that lets you capture page content and send it to the application, as Markdown code, screencapture or HTML. The information is stored as notes in a notebooks (you can create them as many as you need, and you can tag the notes, search them, …).
  • Roam Research, that I want to analyze to discover what can do. I’ve seen some videos with demos, and it seems to be a valuable tool to store information in a useful way.
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Hi Sanyaade, the meeting was at 6PM, Rome time. There was a misunderstanding with times?

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Yesterday we had a great presentation by @girba

  • There was a lot of interest on building visualization and Tudor showed us how they built a lot of visualization (a thousand if I remember correctly) and how each visualization on average take 12 lines of code. Visualization can also be changed on the fly
  • @rafael asked about generating code from executable specifications, and Tudor showed us an example doing that
  • @Niko noticed how SAP R/3 has some the flexibility of the Glamorous Toolkit, due to be written in itself. But the Glamorous Toolkit seems much more usable
  • Several persons asked for a future meeting to dive in a specific topic. @Niko suggested some: code reading, parsers, end-user apps

Here is a short summary of what I presented:

Indeed, I would be happy to provide a more in-depth hands-on session. We can pick a couple of case studies to cover.

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