Virtual meetup every Thursday: you are all invited

We updated the link. See details here:

I haven’t attended any of the Virtual Meetups, else I’d know the answer to this question: How long are these meetups? (30 minutes, 60?)

Many thanks.

About 60 minutes (or slighty longer)

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As Oscar replied 60 minutes (and we go overtime quite often), but please note that we pause the meetups for the summer

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Will there be a meetup today? It’s September, after all (-:

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Unfortunately no, but we will resume next week!

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@ftomassetti is there a way to get announcements for the week’s topic sooner? Due to the timing of events and my location, I can not attend all meetups (as much as I’d like to). Some days I just have to take other meetings. But this week (link) for example, I would have liked to shift my schedule and joined, but I didn’t have enough of a notice.

If we can get +24 (or more) hours notice, that would help me A TON! And possibly enable more involvement from the community.

Thanks for all you do!

Hi @lyle,

thank you for your feedback!

We usually put out on Strumenta Linkedin and Twitter on Tuesday the title of the meetup every week or on Federico Linkedin and Twitter as well, and on Wednesday we send out the emails and publish to the community the title, the abstract and the biography.

Rarely happens that we receive the information later from the speakers or they ask to amend something at the last minute, in this case, the communication goes out a bit later, but this is out of our control.

Thank you for your feedback, we will try to do our best to accommodate all the requests and make things better for the community, I hope you understand this is not always in our hands.

Thank you,

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Hi @lyle , thank you for the feedback: it is hard to stress how valuable is for us to year from the community!
For your question, @elisa.costantini has already replied better that I could, so I have nothing to add on this. I wanted just to stress that this is important to us and we are taking this in account while planning the next season of the Virtual Meetup

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