GeneXus: a low-code platform with 30 years of history

A quick message to announce the presentation we will see at the next Virtual Meetup, this Thursday, the 16th of July.

This will week Gastón Milano (@gmilano) will present Genexus, which Forrester defined as "the best low code platform you never heard of”. In particular he will present the evolution of Genexus from a CASE tool to a Low Code Platform. He will also give as a presentation of the architecture of Genexus.

Gastón Milano is a Systems Engineer formed by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Republic (Uruguay) specialized in Model-based Development and works since 1997 in GeneXus. It is CTO of GeneXus and conducts research in many areas of knowledge-based development as well as in the area of Human Computer Interaction and user experience. In addition Gaston is Professor of the University of the Company, Interaction Designer (Nielsen Norman Group) and local leader in Montevideo of Interaction Design Foundation. In 2019 he was appointed as a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Uruguay.

How to connect

If this is your first meetup you will find all the instructions to connect here:

(Long story short: click here Launch Meeting - Zoom)

It is hosted on Zoom at 7PM GMT+2/CEST (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: Dateful Time Zone Converter)


Thank you, @gmilano! Whenever I did presentations on my work on model-driven development with executable models (Cloudfier) here in Brazil, invariably someone would ask me how it compared to GeneXus, which apparently has a significant number of cases of success in Brazil.

Looking forward to it!


Thank you for the great presentation given yesterday @gmilano !

It is inspiring for this community to see how a modeling tool can reach considerable success.

Personally I think that a platform like this can be perceived as less risky for the adopters, when compared to ad-hoc solutions, and therefore can help more and more users to adopt modeling and experience the value it provides. I hope that after the summer we can get another presentation showing a demo.

Also, I was not aware that GeneXus was extensible and that is possible to contribute specializations of the languages and the generators (if I understood correctly). This could be something interest to explore for this community.

Hi! It was a pleasure for me. After summer no problem on giving a Demo of Genexus .

You understand correctly about extensibility !

Actually it could maybe the most interested part for this community.

We have a marketplace for extensibility and there are several successful platform partners that extend Genexus, extend the language in several ways and extend the IDE.
The whole architecture of the IDE was inspired on Visual Studio after many years working inside Visual Studio extensibility programs.

We have several ways of doing things together , from academic partnership to platform partnership.

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Oh I missed this presentation that was of interest to me !

Is there a way to have access to a replay or to access some documentation ?

@gmilano , if I read properly, you did a presentation but not a full demo ? I will definitively join for the demo when you make it !

@ftomassetti, what about having a category “low-code development” in the forum ? would be pretty usefull ! Happy to see that there are live discussion on that matter :slight_smile:


Hi Walter, we can start using tags for tag