Virtual Meetup: Building auto-complete in editors

Hi Community,

For this Thursday (the 3rd of December), we are back to technical topics for our Virtual Meetups.

This time we will have Alessio Stalla (@alessio.stalla) sharing a presentation on building auto-complete/auto-suggest for editors.

Alessio Stalla is a Language Engineer who has been working at Strumenta since January 2020. He has previously worked at ManyDesigns, an Italian company who built the open-source MDD solution named Portofino. He has also been active in the Lisp community.

Alessio will show how to build the auto-complete (or auto-suggest) functionality for textual editors. He will show how the alternatives can be generated using any ANTLR parser and how the result can be displayed in editors such as VS Code or Monaco​

Also, please remember that we are always looking for volunteers to present at the next Virtual Meetups. If you have any idea you would like to share, just reply to this email.

How to connect

After the summer we moved the meetup one hour earlier! From now on we will host them at this time.

If this is your first meetup you will find all the instructions to connect here:

(Long story short: click here

It is hosted on Zoom at 6PM GMT+1/CET (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone:


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A great link shared by @voelter about using Xtext with the Language Server Protocol: definitely an alternative to consider, when the conditions permit it

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