Next Virtual Meetup: Patrick Viry on an extension of the Java language with parallel programming

On the 25th of June Patrick Viry will give us a presentation.

Patrick Viry has significant experience with code rewriting and transformations. He authored several scientific papers on this subject and he is now working as a consultant, providing services to companies for the automated migration of code, for example, from RPG to Java.

This time he will present Ateji PX, an extension of the Java language with parallel programming extensions inspired by pi-calculus. Ateji was a software startup aiming at designing DSLs as extensions of general purpose languages, and produced several such extensions.

How to connect?

If this is your first meetup you will find all the instructions to connect here:

(Long story short: click here Launch Meeting - Zoom)

It is hosted on Zoom at 7PM GMT+2/CEST (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: Dateful Time Zone Converter)

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I enjoyed a lot the presentation @patrick.viry gave yesterday.

I found interesting the reflections on building GPL extensions. The problem with having to re-build a huge portion of the tool support which typically is expected is a real blocker for these attempts. Things like editors and debuggers are not trivial at all to rebuild.

I was also impressed by the simplicity of usage of the extensions he and his team developed. Even I would be able to write parallel code using that :slight_smile:

Thanks :grinning:

Thinking about it, even if this is old stuff, it might be worth a public presentation or publication. If you know of a venue where this topic could be of interest, please let me know.


Well, I am the co-chair for the industrial track at PROFES 2020, which is going to be held online and I would be very happy to see a submission on this. You can find more details here:

For any questions please feel free to write to me

First off, thanks for everyone organizing! Can you guys record and post the talks on youtube?

Synchronous live-viewing is difficult :slight_smile:

Hi @ikrima we have discussed this many times and we decided not to record events because we concluded that in this way the participants feel more open to discuss things which cannot be completely public. Also, presenters feel more relaxed. We can always use the forum for asynchronous discussion

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Unfortunate but completely understandable these days