Hi, I'm Danny van Bruggen

Hello everyone! I’m Danny, I do IT consultancy for work, and a lot of hobby programming at the side. For quite a few years I’ve been hacking and maintaining JavaParser, for many years side by side with Federico. I’ve always found programming languages and their theory fascinating although I don’t have the academic background to get into it really deeply. So, after many years of being stuck at the parsing phase with JavaParser, I recently tried to write a simple assembler/compiler hybrid monstrosity for retro 6502 computers, and am kind of stuck in the middle there now. Depending on how this forum turns out I might ask some dumb questions :slight_smile:

Greeting from the Netherlands,


Nice to have you here Danny!
There are no dumb questions: this is a private community where we should free to ask whatever question we want.
I am looking forward to hear more about your language project. In the meantime I take advantage of all the PRs you are sending for Kolasu :smiley: