Hi, I am Sergej

Hi, my name is Sergej. I’m interested in various computer languages and how they let people express solutions to their problems.

I earn my living by creating languages and tooling with JetBrains MPS, and by helping other people do it.

I first learned about MPS a long time ago but it took me quite some time before I started to actively use it. In fact my active use started with me getting a job at JetBrains to develop MPS itself.

Some time later I decided to help people apply MPS to their own projects so I left JetBrains and became a self-employed MPS consultant. I worked on several MPS-related projects with itemis and that’s how I met @ftomassetti.

I’m interested in promoting MPS because I think it has great potential so I’ve started a blog on MPS called Specific Languages.

Promoting language engineering in general and MPS in particular was also one of the reasons why Federico and I started the Beyond Parsing podcast.

I was born in Russia but live in Prague, Czechia.


Nice to see you here Sergej!

I think it would be very useful for this community if you could share the great material on JetBrains MPS which you are writing at Specific Languages

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