Hello everybody!

Hello, all,

My name is Mihai, I’m a Java developer with about 10 years experience.

I once read a few books about Object Oriented Programming (mainly ‘Object Thinking’ by David West and ‘Elegant Objects’ by Yegor Bugayenko). These books completely changed my perspective about what an object is, and this was followed by quite a few years in which I’ve tried to write about these ideas myself, as well as put them in practice in my own open source projects.

Everything culminated with me deciding to try my hands at writing a new programming language which should help developers go in the “right” OOP direction.

I joined this community because no matter where I look on topics about ANTLR, Language Engineering or JavaParser, I sooner or later find Strumenta. I see this as a sign that this is the place to be at the moment :slight_smile:

Good job and thank you for all your articles and projects!