Virtual Meetup - Recap of 09/04/2020 and plans for next meetup

Yesterday we had a new meetup. Thank you for participating!

Recently Zoom changed the default configuration so people who joined the meeting before I joined could not enter until I authorize that. Hopefully, this will not be the case next time. I hope this was not an issue for anyone.

@voelter gave a great presentation on a DSL he is working on. The DSL is intended for physicists describing complex simulations at CERN. Based on his work he is planning to release several extensions to KernelF, which is a set of libraries for JetBrains MPS projects.

Also, Markus is about to release a book titled “Once you start asking”. While this is not related to Language Engineering you may want to check it out at

Next time we will get a presentation about IncQuery, which could be a useful component in implementing the Active Repository proposed by @voelter.

We are always looking forward to get new proposals for demos. If you have something to present please step forward! Write here or send me a private message or write an email.

Finally, we added a link to the instructions to join the meetup in the homepage at We did not put the Zoom link in that homepage because we do not want random strangers to hijack our meetups.