Looking back at 2021 for the community & Winter Holidays

Hi Community,
First of all, thank you all for your regular and active participation in the Virtual Meetups!
It is amazing to see that so many people share our interest in Language Engineering.

The end of the years is approaching and I feel to thank you all because we built a virtual space for sharing ideas, experience, a genuine environment for anyone interested in Language Engineering. We host some amazing talks and speakers, interesting questions, and tips! We got this far because of all of you!

It’s been great learning, sharing knowledge and ideas, confronting each other.

A particular thank you to @Niko and @PaulSpencer, members of the Editorial Board, who have worked with me to guarantee interesting topics and speakers.

Thank you to @elisa.costantini who has been organizing the Virtual Meetup for the last year. I can assure you that behind the scenes things runs much more smoothly then when I was in charge :smiley:

Thank you of course to all the speakers that decide to share with the Community their knowledge, their experience and projects for this 2021:

@meinte.boersma - EMF, the Eclipse Modeling Framework

@Niko - Exploring Xtext vs MPS Features

@ratiud - FASTEN: an Extensible Framework for Rigorous Modeling of Safety Critical System

@felienne - Hedy, a Gradual Programming Language

@ftomassetti - How Can We Build the Best Possible Parser?

@juha-pekka - MetaEdit+ and Collaborative Language Engineering

Vadim Zaytsev - Is it BabyCobol-proof? The Language Reference

@voelter & @yulia.komarov - DSLs for Tax Calculation at DATEV

Terence Parr - Language Engineering Applied to Matrix Algebra Debugging in Python

Philip Langer - The Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform

@Niko - Introducing the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

@alessio.stalla - Introduction to Lisp: an Overview of Macro Meta Programming in Lisp

@dhakehurst - AGL: When a Regular Expression is not enough

@ftomassetti - MPSServer: Transforming MPS into a Web Service

@ldesantis - Hardware Description Languages (HDL) as Domain Specific Languages

Ravi Chugh - Reimagining the User Interfaces for Programming

L. Thomas van Binsbergen - Towards a DSL for Formalizing Law and Regulation - Intermediate Finding and Results

Mark Sujew - Towards a TypeScript Native DSL Framework with Langium

@mike - Introduction to ANTLR - Part I and II. Mike also merits a special mention for his level of participation!

@mpostol - Object-oriented Internet-Machine to Machine Communication Domain Specific Languages

@kuniss - Generating Compilers Purely from Context-free Grammars

Louis-Edouard Lafontant - Creating a Language with Gentleman: a Lightweight Web-based Projectional Editor

@katiebell - SplootCode Making Code Easy to Learn Without Adding Limitations.

@schwichti - Low-code on Multiple Platforms and Across Runtime Environments

@bucchiarone - Gamified Education Solutions in Software Programming & Modelling: a Tool Implementation Perspective

@benoit - Toward Smart Modeling (Environments): Looking into the Future of Engineering and Scientific Environments

@marcdumais - Why choose Eclipse Theia?

@smeacham - DSLs for Artificial Intelligence: for BT and with MPS

Cyrus Omar - Filling Typed Holes with Live GUIs

We will stop the virtual meeting for the winter holidays, but don’t worry, we will be back in 2022 with new speakers, topics and talks!

Please, visit the forum and let me know your thought, your suggestions, your ideas for the next years!

If you are thinking of proposing a talk, it is time to come forward as we are planning the calendar for the next year. So just let me know by replying to this message.

Enjoy the holiday and have a warm and happy new year!