Hi! I'm Tomas Öberg

Hi! My name is Tomas Öberg and I discovered the land of metaprogramming through through my interest in interactive fiction. I’ve been in to programming since my early teens but have a relatively short professional career of about 3 years. Working mainly with java.

I’m halfway through the book by Lorenzo bettini and mostly at the xtext forum trying learn that framework properly but I’m also very interested in compilers/interpreters and virtual machines in general and other language frameworks.
I’m here to learn anything in that might be useful and to get to know people with genuine interest in this field. I hope to see the forum grow both in number of peoples and activity :slight_smile:



Hi Thomas, welcome! Things have been slow in the last weeks, I think because of summer. From September we will restate the weekly meetings (we have three already planned) and I think this will help restarting the conversations

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