Hi, I'm Christian Dietrich

Hello everybody,

Thanks for the opportunity to join this community. My name is Christian and I started with modeling back in 2006 when I joined itemis and MDA was still a thing. Back then much of modeling was done based on UML / graphically. I was a user of the openArchitectureWare and later moved to Xpand and Xtext at Eclipse.

Since 2015 i am committer for Eclipse Xtext and right now i am the main contributor Eclipse Xtext and also Project Lead. I also do Consulting on Xtext in smaller and big scale projects.

I see this community as a great chance to get in contact with people in other modeling sections like MPS and others.



Nice to have you here.

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Welcome, Christian!
Good to have you hear, how’s XText doing these days?

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We are still alive. We also have fancy stuff like Language Server Protocol Support.
But we have much fewer resources than in better days

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Sad to hear about this state of things of Xtext. Personally I have not used it for years but it has been crucial for me to get involved in language engineering and when I talk with other practitioners many tell me the same thing. I never contributed to Eclipse projects but my understanding is that there is a certain complexity involved so I guess it is very hard to get occasional contributors involved in the project

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Yes. Contributions in Eclipse is not easy and in Xtext it is extra hard as before my time people thought it was a good idea to split up the code on 8 repositories