Hi all, Rafael here

Hi all!

I am Rafael, another member typing from South America. Here is my resume. I have been looking forward to being part of a high quality community like this one for a while. Thanks to our hosts, and thank you all for being a part of it (so great to see many familiar names).

I am very interested in OO design, APIs, model-driven development with executable models, DSLs, language design, model execution and full code generation. I have been working on a few initiatives around those themes:

  • TextUML, a textual notation on top of UML
  • Cloudfier a web-based IDE for full-code generation from executable (Text)UML models
  • Kirra, a conceptual metamodel for business applications with mappings for UML, Spring Boot, Web UIs and other technologies

More recently, I have been investigating modeling of User Interfaces, one area that I have been intentionally ignoring for quite some time.

Looking forward to learning lots here!