Hi, I'm Klaus Birken

Hi, I am Klaus. Thanks to the founders of this community for setting it up, and many thanks for inviting me. I am looking forward to interesting discussions on modeling, DSLs and building languages.

My main interest is building cool tools (utilizing complex algorithms) and their benefits in real-world applications. The methods and tools in the field of Language Engineering are definitely in this category - in this community I am probably not the only one with this opinion :slight_smile:

My professional history reaches back nearly three decades now, with an increasing share of work on DSLs and modeling, e.g.: In the 90s, I co-founded a startup where we built a modeling tool for the ROOM method (using C++ and MFC - EMF, Xtext and MPS didn’t exist then). In the 00s, I was busy building tools and architectures in the Automotive/Infotainment domain at Harman. Since 2012, I am with itemis, creating customer-specific tools based on EMF, Xtext and MPS (with clear emphasis on the latter in the past view years). On the algorithmic side, my interests are static analysis, partial evaluation, interpreters, SMT solving, discrete event simulation, and similar technologies which combine nicely with DSLs.

Aside from my professional activities I am an enthusiastic piano player and have a family with three kids. One of them is about to start with his computer linguistics studies - so it seems to come full circle somehow. :smiley:

Looking forward community-ing with you, regards,


So nice to see you here Klaus!
I am looking forward too to a lot of interesting discussions!

Hi Klaus, good to see you here as well.

Welcome, Klaus! Good to see you found your way here.