Hello, I'm Kolja

I have been involved with modelling and language engineering for most of my time in software engineering. I realized early in my career that capturing abstraction with just “normal” software engineering tools wasn’t what I was looking for. I’m a strong believer in projectional editing because I think it allows us to build tools better suited for domain experts than using textual only notations. For about 8 years I’m mainly working with JetBrians MPS in various domains at itemis. Apart from building actual tooling, I’m involved in training others on how to approach problem with a language engineering mindset in general but also with MPS in particular. As part of that I created a video series about how use MPS last year which was live streamed and is available on Youtube, apart from that I maintain mps.rocks a website that tries to collect interesting tools and material around MPS.

In the recent past my interested shifted from the plain “just” technical building language to the more process/team part of it. Trying to answer questions like, how do we (ecosystems of) language collaboratively, how do we design languages that encourage users to give feedback, how do we explore a domain iteratively.

I’m glad to be here and hope to find some interesting exchanges about language engineering and resonate ideas with other that share a passion for this topic.


So nice to see you here!
I think that, beside your amazing engineering experience, your experience with teaching language engineering is immensely valuable to all of us. After all teaching language engineering is the one activity that could help most our field, in my opinion. Personally I benefitted a lot from the videos you recorded.

I would also love to discuss with you about the different parts of language engineering which complement the purely technical aspects. The impact of processes and organization is key. I would also love to hear your opinion on how one figure out when it makes sense to adopt a DSL and when it does not.

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