Hi I'm Ian Andrich

Hey Everyone,

A bit about myself:
I have a background in Ethics and Mathematics. I previously served as a Maths Professor.

I am currently working on Data Science issues involving mid-size data, and developing samplers which generate solutions.

I’m interested in developing tooling in the H.R. space. Long story short – they have many common issues that can be addressed by more formal tooling that speaks their language.

I’m currently hacking on integrating MPS with Python.

If anyone needs any help with any small to medium data analytics issues, don’t hesitate to ping me.


What exactly is H.R. space?

@cristian.vasile H.R. is short for “Human Resources”.

In companies these departments are responsible for hiring, firing, disciplining employees, and monitoring the workplace for compliance. Many countries have intricate rules about how you can run a workplace – they manage that aspect of running a business.


OK, I saw that you have a strong background in math, so I was thinking H.R. space is something similar with a Riemann space…

That sounds super interesting. I played with that idea years ago and I would love to hear more about your progress on that.

Also, welcome to this community Ian!

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Hey Ian! Thanks for getting me invited!

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