Hi, my name is Holger Nehls

Hi all, servus from Franconia!

My name is Holger Nehls and first I want to thank @sandra.delpistoia for the invitation to this community. I am working for Siemens Healthineers in Forchheim, Germany. We develop the operating software for Computed Tomography scanners and use MPS since 5 years now to tame the complexity of our scanners.

Some of you may know me already from the MPS meetups. I am looking forward to share experience in implementing a model-driven approach for stakeholders and learn new things about available tools and practices in language engineering.

Please apologize, it is a little bit hard for me to participate actively to the community in a regular manner. Not because I am not interested, but just due to limited time.

Stay healthy everybody!

Best regards


Hey Holger,

Great to have you here!


Thank you for joining us @holger.nehls !