Hi, I'm Jonas Rodrigues

Hi everyone,

I am a partner at UniSoma, a mid size company in Campinas / Brazil focused in data science, statistics and optimisation solutions (mip, constraint programming, simulation). I’ve been working in the field for the past 11 years and love what I do :wink:

We don’t have a product. For each customer we design optimisation models (that relies on thirty party solvers like CPLEX, LocalSolver or GUROBI), and a user friendly application with data management, charts and reports, etc.

Most of the time we use platforms like AIMMS or IBM DOC. They allow us to iterate really fast but impose its recurring license costs to the client. Alternatively we can go with pure Java/Python + solver API. It is cheaper for the customer in the long run, but our development time and risk increases.

This leads to my interest in language engineering: I do believe we can consolidate our best practices in data modelling, process representation and the translation to solver’s API in a set of languages and tools for our analysts.

I’m eager to learn how to develop those languages and tools!

I’ve been toying with Jetbrains MPS and already created a prototype SQL language that generates our data model and web app configuration for a particular project. Looks promising.

On the personal side, I really like studying programming languages in general. From time to time I choose a new language and do some side project for fun. I’ve done that with Python, Java, AIMMS, Common Lisp, Clojure, Racket. Currently Rust and Jetbrains MPS.

Looking forward to learn and share experiences with you all!


//1 - SQL

//2 - V

Hi Jonas, it is great to have you here.

I am also the partner at two companies. In one we work with Language Engineering (Strumenta), while on the other one we work on Explainable AI (ClearBox AI).

At Strumenta we do mostly consulting, but we are looking into moving to products.

We work extensively with MPS and here you will find plenty of people with experience with MPS, so feel free to start discussions around it.