Hi, I'm Bastian Kruck

Hi together,

I am based in Berlin and employed as a software consultant and building MPS-based tools for around 1,5 years now, working with @dumdidum, @voelter and @kbirken. The major one being an internal startup, where the product is implemented in MPS.

Before that, I founded a startup (an online scheduler, 2012 and still exists of today) and was active as a freelancing developer and agile coach.

In parallel, I was doing my Masters on Software Architecture and did scientific research in the areas of human computer interaction, live programming and debugging tools. Most of that in Squeak Smalltalk.

Right now, I am interested in bringing polyglot language workbenches towards “mainstream programming” usecases, such as web applications or mobile. Such usecases are nowadays spanning various tools and languages, yet usually require expertise in each of them. I dream of making them more discoverable and explorable by using my experiences as an entrepreneur, agile coach and MPS-developer. Ideally, I would find grip on some topic that could lead to further scientific research and possibly could eventually end in heading for a PhD.

In general, I am currently overwhelmed by the amount of existing works that are to be investigated in order to get on track of the current state of DSLs and language workbenches. For example, the intentional software efforts, or RUP tool; plus even the current workbenches such as MPS or Racket. Regarding the organizational integration, I consider ERP systems and microservices as related. Methodologically, I think DDD and other inter-disciplinary approaches are related.

That much about me. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

Best Regards,