Hi, I'm Philip, nice to meet you


I joined the DSL community when I was looking for a way to build a build a product with very complex domain logic in a small team. Over the last year I’ve been working on a solution for psychiatric hospitals with a co-founder who had no previous experience with programming, and building this solution on top of MPS allowed us to go from zero to a production-ready MVP in less than 6 months. The small and helpful community around MPS has grown close to my heart ever since. Besides MPS we use Spring Boot with Kotlin and React Native with TypeScript in this project.

My other job is to teach software engineering to beginners in a 3 month “bootcamp” program. All in all these experiences convinced me that programming literacy for domain experts is very much possible and also crucial for the future of software development.

I live in Munich, Germany. Feel free to contact me (through this community or mail@philipfrank.de) if you want to chat.



Hi Philip, nice to see you here!
Wow, I would be certainly interested in hearing more about your solution.
I know that Patrick Alff is working in the mental health space and he has experience with MPS.
I worked on using MPS for digital therapeutics for the last 4 years and I would be definitely interested to chat more.
I also definitely use and love Kotlin :slight_smile:
Regarding teaching software engineering this is something I am dealing with at my second company (ClearBox, which is doing explainable AI). There I have to train young developers to the principles of software engineering. It is challenging for me.
I lived for 6 months in Munich, near Münchner Freiheit.

Thank you for being part of this community and for introducing yourself!


Hello Federico. If you are doing something with IA, perhahs you can be interested in this batches of books in Humble Bundle:

About artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science:

About project management:

Kind regards,


Thank you Oscar, I will take a look at these books and share the link with my team

Federico, I’ve should say that one of that URL aren’t books… There are video-courses from PluralSight.