I'm Mikael Egevig

Hi guys,

I’m a 47-year old retired software developer who spends some, but way too little, time on working on my new programming language called Braceless. I have dreamed of making a new programming language ever since the tender age of 11 years, when I first learned to program in ZX BASIC and Z80 assembler.

I love everything related to the design and implementation of programming languages and am always on the look for new programming language features.

I personally see Exception Handling as the most important language feature as it is tedious to simulate and it does bring great reliability to most software projects in my experience. Unfortunately, it seems, to me, some recent languages are abandoning Exception Handling for reasons I don’t understand.

I have written a tiny, but old, article on Exception Handling in C that I hoped would eventually affect the C language standard, but not knowing anybody in the standard body makes this virtually impossible.

I am very happy that Federico has decided to start a forum as the Internet has long needed a good place where people with interest in programming languages and compilers can hang out and hopefully exchange experiences and knowledge.

Feel free to contact me if I can help or you have ideas or criticism for Braceless :slight_smile:

Mikael Egevig



Take a look a V, it is in pre-beta status so you could influence it


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Hi Christian,

Thank you, I will do as you suggest :smiley:

I am already now thinking that perhaps I can do a new front-end for V which uses the Occam/Python-style syntax that I am personally very fond of. Also, perhaps I can persuade Alexander to include exception handling in V.

Thanks again for the link, I was not aware of the V programming language.


Thank you Mikael for joining us! Please keep us posted on the evolution of braceless. I think that almost every developer dream at some point to create a language. Here there are those who dreamed a little harder :slight_smile:

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By the way, I have been retired for more than fifteen years, for which reason I did not think of including the highlights of my resume.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen for two years back in 1991-1993, but was too impatient to complete my study - I basically wanted real-life experience over academic studies.

So I got myself a job as an embedded linker engineer at Systems & Software, Inc. in Irvine, CA, USA back in 1993 and stayed there for about four years. The main product, XLINK386, was seriously THE most advanced linker ever made. It could do tons of things, including generating absolute output files like Intel OMF386 images.

Eventually, SSI sold off its product portfolio and I got myself a job as an assistant developer on an Ada9X compiler written in Ada83. Unfortunately, Ada was not such a big hit so I soon found myself looking for greener pastures (that would pay a reasonable salary) and the company closed down soon after (not because of me leaving, but because of financial troubles).

After that, I’ve spent my time on all sorts of commercial products: NetOp Remote Control (a Danish company), Navision Software A/S (now known informally as Microsoft Denmark), and doing various consulting jobs for a few years. I also put together an embedded Linux builder tool chain back in 1999-2000, allowing the user to use Qt on embedded Linux before there was such a thing as Qt/Embedded, but it was never commercialized because of personal incompatibilities between me and my partner.

Then I got involuntarily retired by the fact that I got hit by a very bad case of Schizophrenia. I spent the next ten years recovering and teaching myself to spell and write fairly fluently once again. Unfortunately, my illness caused an almost complete loss of short-term memory, so I am having great difficulties when my projects reach a certain size (5-10 KLOC), which is the main reason that I am progressing so slowly on my dream project (Braceless).

Nowadays, I develop and maintain a few websites for people here and there, written in PHP with Laravel, and see my compiler project as a hobbyist project that is sadly unlikely to ever become finished.

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I hope you’re doing well.