Laurent from france

hi everybody, I’m Laurent from France. I work currently as a frontend web developer, specially on accessibility issues on websites. I have the idea of building a tool to really adapt them for people with cognitive, visual and motor disabilities. I have some limitations with javascript in any browser and I try to think out of the box to offer a better solution. I started looking for earley algo and I was thinking about programming a specific language for this specific goal.

I was also interested in learning how programming languages are created and I thought applying the book “how to create pragmatic lightweight languages” would be a good start.


Hi Laurent, welcome! I used to leave in France, in Lyon. I also at the beginning was just curious about how languages are built. Eventually it become my daily job :smiley:

Dear Laurent, I recently built a new programming language which can output to HTML, and would be very interested in how i can improve my language for accessibility purposes. It is much easier to accomplish this, as i have a fancy runtime, and thus have many advantages over TypeScript, which is the most popular JS pre-processor; in my case of the Beads language, i have 50k lines of runtime to handle type checking, etc., at runtime. Perhaps you could take it for a spin and let me know what features it is missing for accessibility. It would probably only take a few hours; would be glad to give you a tutorial via Discord/Skype.

would be glad to help. you can PM me for a first visio encounter