Hi there from Christian Neumanns


I’m Christian Neumanns, from Luxembourg (Europe).

In my online profiles I often describe myself as a curious software developer, a zealous simplifier, and a lifelong student of life. I care about creating reliable and maintainable software that is easy to use.

I am the creator of:

  • PracticalXML (PXML): an alternative, less verbose syntax for XML/XHTML documents.

  • Practical Markup Language (PML): a markup language designed to create web articles and books. PML uses the PXML syntax. A free, open-source PML-to-HTML-Converter can be used to convert PML to HTML.

  • Practical Programming Language (PPL): a programming language designed to help creating reliable and maintainable code. The PML-to-HTML-Converter is written in PPL, but PPL is not ready yet for mission critical enterprise applications.

You can have a look at my blog or contact me at chris {at} pml-lang {dot} dev.

Congratulation for creating this community and thanks for letting me join.

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Ciao Christian, nice to see you onboard!