Hi! My name is Markus Rudolph!

Hi everyone!

My name is Markus Rudolph. I live in Berlin, Germany. I am C# and Typescript developer… but I am also able to write Java, SQL, Assembler, Prolog, Haskell, C/C++ and many more… I program since I was 16. Now I am 33, have a wife and a son.

I love programming, modeling and language engineering. I worked as tutor in my university, as working student in the automotive sector and now as fullstack developer at Templafy.

Languages are my thing.

  • my first spoken word came out in the age of 4
  • I loooove puns and all kinds of word jokes.
  • I am fascinated by programming languages and solving problems with them.
  • In school I tried to port a parser until I realized that this task is really stupid and that there are generators
  • UML is cool… especially PlantUml
  • During studying computer science I got in contact with Project Euler. I am proud to be one of the guys who solved over 100 math problems on that site
  • I also developed a Pascal like language for an Euler clone (a real fun!). That was with Xtext
  • later I developed about 3 languages as glueing code for remote procedure calls… pegjs, Packrat lib in Scala, Antlr
  • as working student I created a boolean language and a Excel file language for creating spreadsheet templates … wirh NPegasus
  • I created a configureable filter language inspired by Jiras filter fields… with Antlr

I have tons of project ideas. I am proud to be part of this forum. Thank you @ftomassetti for inviting me. You are like an idol for me. Your blog posts were very helpful from time to time. I also made a tutorial about creating Lexers by hand on Github.

I write languages for empowering people to do buissness stuff on their own or to save writing time or for fun.

I could write pages of stuff, I feel. But I think that is enough ^^…


Hi Markus, very nice to see you here!
Thank you for accepting my invitation and joining this community.
I suggest you share your tutorial about creating lexers by hand in a new topic in the community.

I am glad my posts have been useful to you and I hope you can benefit from this community. It is all about providing people to practicioneers like you.

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I’m just amazed at the amount of talent in this community. Impressive. I hope it rubs off on me :slight_smile:

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