Hi, Glenn from Australia here

Hi everyone, Glenn R from Australia. I’ve been a software developer, mostly in government for over 30 years. Worked with a lot of languages over that time, these days mostly C# and Java. However have been a functional programming and DSL enthusiast for quite a while too. Implemented my first DSL professionally around 15 years ago, which is still use today. That was implemented via a hand written recursive descent compiler. Since then, have experimented with both Xtext and Jetbrains MPS, and right now trying to write an internal DSL using Clojure.

I really feel that DSLs can be a great approach in many situations - simply because we should be able to write code that concentrates on the business problem to be solved, rather than worrying about the language itself.

Hope to have some interesting discussions with fellow enthusiasts and be able to learn from each other.