Hi, I'm Jimmy Nilsson

Hi all,

I’ve been a consultant in software development for 30+ years and I live in Sweden. Just a few weeks ago I was expressing puzzlement of why so few people where interested in Language-Oriented Programming (LOP) and DSLs. Since then I have learned about several interesting initiatives, and this looks for sure like a super interesting one! :slight_smile:

When reading your introductions, it’s very humbling to say the least. I will learn a lot by just listening, but I hope to be able ot ask a question or two as well.

The last fifteen years, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) has been my “home” area. My main interest regarding LOP and DSLs is to create languages for increasing the quality of collaboration. Why only speak the ubiquitous language?

My next personal project will probably be to try out Truffle.