"Interview with Meinte Boersma on Domain-Specific Languages": new article online!

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A new article is online :slight_smile:

This time, it’s an interview with @meinte.boersma: he tells us about his new book “Domain-Specific Languages made easy”, which he has recently published in Early Access with Manning.

Here there are some quotes I found particularly interesting:

I wrote this book because I think what we lack as a software language engineering community is a book which we can give to basically almost anyone, anyone who has some experience with programming and software development in general. So that we can give the book and tell them to read it, and then have a good feeling about what DSLs are about and how you can implement them.

I think DSLs are reasonably well adopted, but you don’t hear about all successful DSLs. And the reason for that I think is that a DSL is, by definition, domain-specific. So that usually means that it’s specific for a certain company. I think there are a lot of successful DSLs which are used in only one company, or maybe only in one place within one company, and maybe this domain doesn’t even know or realize that the thing they’re using is actually a DSL.

If your domain has a lot of “stuff” that looks the same, but there’s still a lot of variability in that, then it’s a good contender for a DSL. To make it a little bit more concrete, if you can capture your domain with relatively few concepts, but those concepts exist in a large variety of shapes and forms and users, then you probably have a good situation for a DSL.

You can find the complete interview here or you can watch only the video on our Youtube channel.

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