Hi, I'm Tristano

Hi, I’m Tristano.
I’m a full stack software engineer and I have by now 8 years of experience, having worked mainly with Java and frontend technologies. I’m from Italy but I live from 8 years in The Netherlands and I’m thrilled to see already several users from my two lands! I’m also honored to be part of this community composed by people with amazing experience and knowledge from which I can learn a lot.

I’m now looking forward to shape my career differentiating myself from thousands of other software engineers/architects. Next to learn about software architecture and domain driven design I’m deepening my knowledge of functional programming and in this very moment I’m going through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and learning about Racket Scheme, which claims to be the programmable programming language. This will be my entry point to language engineering, after which I’ll probably start playing with JetBrains MPS. I’m eager to get a detailed overview of what exists and what can be done and how in the language engineering sector so I will most likely read rather than write content.

Thanks Federico for creating this community!