Hi, I am Federico

I am Federico, and I am one of the founders of this community.

I have been interested in changing how people program since high-school. My ideas were ambitious and confused at the time.

Then after I completed my bachelor and my master I went into a PhD. I was initially focusing on model-driven development. I spent most of my time understanding EMF (the Eclipse Modeling Framework). For me it was hard to learn about it as I could not find many forums with helpful people at that time. Also, documentation was a limited.

One thing that was very important for me was this scholarship to spend one semester in Germany. I wrote to Markus Völter, who was my idol in the Language Engineering community. He helped me wrote a project proposal for the scholarship of the German government. I got accepted and spent one semester in Munich learning about JetBrains MPS and trying to help with the first version of mbeddr.

It was great for me because at the time I heard about JetBrains MPS and I played with it on my own but I simply did not have access to experts, people who had used it in real industrial scenarios. For me it was a great occasion. In a way I hope this community could play that role: help persons get in touch with experts and access their expertise and knowledge, so that they can progress more quickly than I did.

Anyway, I then continued my PhD. During my PhD I started doing some consulting on MDD and DSLs. But when I finished it I moved to Ireland where I worked at TripAdvisor (amazing company!) and Groupon (…a different company :D).

But then I moved again, this time to Lyon, France. A few days after I arrived I registered my little business as an independent consultant. I started as a generalist but soon I started receiving requests about consulting on DSLs and Language Engineering in general. At that time I have been blogging about it for a few years, and I wrote some minor open-source projects.

So I started being a full-time consultants on Language Engineering. Eventually my brother Gabriele started working with me, as I could not keep up with all the requests. Then I moved to Torino, Italy, where I started Strumenta. We started hiring and getting more projects and…

Here we are :slight_smile:

So, nice to meet you!