Hi, I'm Thaddeus and I wrote an Antlr tool

I am a C# developer who has always had an interest in languages and the tools behind them. In the last decade I have written my own simple parser, but then I started learning about parser frameworks. I have recently had reason to implement some languages using Antlr4 targeted to C#. I quickly got tired of changing my grammar files so I could compile to Java and test. Finding no working .Net tool to do this task, I decided to write my own. This is how my Grun.Net project came about. I look forward to participating in the community and learning a lot more about languages and their tools. Most of my knowledge around parsers is self-taught, so I look forward to learning from professionals. Thank you for having me in the community.

Grun.Net is a project comprised primarily of two tools.

  • A command line tool “grun.exe” that replicates the same functionality as the java testrig (minus the postscript flag).
  • A gui windows application named GrunWin that allows you to visualize the parse tree, see tokens, select components of the grammar, visualize the code with syntax highlighting and a lot more.

You can find the repo at https://github.com/wiredwiz/Grun.Net. I have a link there to an instructional video showing the tools in use. I hope I will get lots of feedback and contributions. These tools allow you to test .net antlr parser assemblies directly. I am continually updating the project and working on new features. Pull requests are welcome.


Many of the professionals are also self-taught

Thank you for sharing your tool Thad!

Too often ANTLR is perceived as a Java tool, and I think Grun.Net goes in the very useful direction of making C# a first class citizen in the ANTLR ecosystem. Thank you for creating it

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I was thinking of creating a new topic devoted to the Grun.Net tool itself for future discussions and collaboration. Would the language workbenches category be appropriate for this or should I direct it to miscellaneous?

I think both the Language Workbenches and Parsing categories would be a good fit

I started a post in Language Workbenches to discuss the tool.
I also created a post in the Parsing category to hopefully gather more usage information about the different runtimes.

I was recently pointed out to me that the tools only work with the Antlr4.Runtime and not the Antlr4.Runtime.Standard. I have now started looking into supporting both. I’m currently still gathering information and planning out my methodology.