Which .Net Antlr runtime do you use for your parsers?

I am curious how many people are still creating parsers against the .net Antlr4.Runtime vs the Antlr4.Runtime.Standard. Which runtime does every one use for their C# Antlr parsers?

I have been creating a tool for testing .Net Antlr4 parsers and it was pointed out to me that my tool only supports the Antlr4.Runtime. Since then, I have been looking into supporting both, but I am very curious as to what the usage percentage is of both runtimes.

Judging from the Nuget download numbers it would seem that the Antlr4.Runtime is used more. However, I’m not sure what kind of time frame we are talking for those numbers. Given that, I’ll be curious to hear what professionals are currently using.

Currently Antlr4.Runtime.Standard (4.9.2) for the most recent parsers I’ve generated. Antlr4.Runtime.Standard (4.8.0) before that. I wander between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code as my IDE(s) (mostly VS for C# efforts, VSC for Python.)