Grun.Net - Tools for testing C# Antlr Parsers

I have recently created a set of tools for testing/Analyzing/Debugging .Net Antlr4 parsers. The project is Grun.Net. The project started out with the goal of implementing the standard testrig functionality but in a set of .Net tools so I didn’t have to rebuild in Java when I wanted to test my grammar assembly. After that, it expanded into a lot more. I am constantly iterating on the software and improving it. I am hoping that people will find it useful and that I will get lots of constructive feedback.

It was pointed out to me that the software only works with the Antlr4.Runtime current and not the standard runtime. I was unaware of the major difference until recently, but have begun tackling support for both.

The software project is entirely open source and I will happily accept pull requests as well as constructive feedback. You may find the repository below, along with an instructional video demonstrating the tools.

You can find the demo video here