Hi, I'm Pierre Bayerl

My name is Pierre Bayerl from Ulm, Germany.

After my PhD in neuroscience I moved into industry making the
best out of my signal processing background and classical computer science.

I am an active committer in the textX project (https://github.com/textX/textX)
and I created a site “self-dsl” as blue print for a simple hands-on
introduction into DSLs (https://goto40.github.io/self-dsl/).

In my spare time I give courses for students at universities
(“digital image processing” and “C++ Programming”). Here, I can
deepen my knowledge about my favorite programming languages C++ and Python.

I think that common understanding and clear definitions are crucial for
a successful team effort in software engineering. DSLs are one way to
foster such common languages and to-the-point specifications.

My teaching efforts complement my technical activities and help me
at the same time to spread knowledge, as well, as to gain experience
from others.

My favorite “private DSL” I use is my “exam-DSL” (https://github.com/goto40/examc)
I use to manage and generate exams for students with accompanying
sample solutions. It is a little bit “nerdy” and not really polished,
but it saves me so much time!


Hi Pierre. I’m happy to see you here!

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Hi Pierre, nice to have you here!
I personally would like to learn more about textX, because I am very much into lightweight solutions.
Also, the fact it is written in Python is very important as we have a huge, growing number of people who love that platform.

I think many teachers would love to use your “Exam-DSL” :smiley: I will tweet about it, right away!