Hi, I'm Alex Bakic

I started dabbling seriously in compilers and (Common, Scheme) Lisp around 1995 on the Splash 2 FPGA array, and even more so when I joined Motorola Systems and Software Engineering Research Lab after my PhD, working on a highly optimizing compiler from SDL (including actor model, Rust-like move semantics of SDL Own/ORef pointers) to C. Later, I built tools such as lexers, parsers (including a packrat PEG generator with left recursion support), transformers, generators of optimized application code (e.g. FAST protocol library), DSLs (notably one for Computational Category Theory, not syntax-heavy), compilers (including a non-industrial strength LLVM clone with a linear-scan register allocator in SSA form), platforms (e.g. a microservice-style distributed CLOS subset on top of 0MQ/JSON/C++); mostly in Common Lisp.
I am mostly a lurker, skimming through research papers whenever I can.


You definitely kept you busy :slight_smile:

It is great to have someone with so many experiences here: welcome!

Forgot to mention a Natural/Adabas to Cobol/SQL transpiler, I see many people are into the mainframes here :blush: