Hi from Hank Ratzesberger

I cannot find the article from a few years ago, “A Writer becomes a programmer” where the author describes the experience of writing concise lines that become more and more powerful as her skill increases; how she creates better routine and variable names; how she eventually achieves the same impact with her code that she had with her prose.

I don’t have a strong math background, and indeed, I didn’t study CS, so all my knowledge has been through experience, and the luck of arriving at the right time – a long time ago.

I’m presently working on CICD infrastructure and we are managing a half dozen languages building many web services, and platforms including iOS, Android, and Tizen,

And the logic to determine if a service should, for example, go green or a update to promote to 1%, 10% … 100% has become very complicated and embodied in a lot of Groovy code in Jenkins.

I would like something that “reads” like Cucumber or Spock, that requires the developer to state in “English” what is intended and within that clause some code that flattens out the logic into assertions that make that logic … hopefully … clear.