An extremely informative article/blog post about... well, many aspects of the programming languages

I stumbled upon the following article through the Rust weekly newsletter; admittedly, portions of the article are Rust “heavy”. Still, I have a superficial understanding of Rust yet was able to follow the point(s) the author is making.

Better yet, the rest of the article uses two more interesting languages, and is in general chock full of reasonable observations about programming languages in general.

It also contains a few, let’s say somewhat controversial statements that made me chuckle, which I reproduce here for your reading pleasure (emphasis mine):

When a host language does not provide enough static capabilities needed for convenient development, some programmers go especially insane and create whole new compile-time metalanguages and eDSLs atop of existing ones

(The above quote also explains why I’ve categorized this into DSL category) The article shows examples of this but didn’t have to persuade me - many moons ago I’ve developed one atrocity DSL in C++ which mimicked C# type-safe delegates.

The second quote is my personal favorite:

The misery of dynamic type systems is widely known.

Lately (going on 5 years or so!) I’ve been developing almost exclusively in JS and TS and honestly, misery is reasonably appropriate word for the experience.

Both of the quotes ring very true to me, along the lines of the famous meme: “I’m in this picture and don’t like it” :grin:

Hope you’ll have a lot of fun exploring the article and maybe even get inspired to improve your own languages!