Book: Crafting Interpreters

Bob Nystrom (Dart) has finally completed his book ‘Crafting Interpreters’. I think it’s a great book, it covers all the basis and some more. What do you think?

Here is a blog post on the process of writing this book, and of course, my suggestion is to take a look at the book itself.


Hello, Edoardo.

I’ve received the email this morning about that, and I redistributed the information among my colleagues. I like the story he tells about how he created the book.

I’ve peeked at it a few times but can’t get myself to read a long text online, so I put myself on the mailing list for a notification when the paper version comes out :slight_smile: I would prefer “crafting compilers” though, but it will have to do. As a non-academic, most literature out there costs a lot of energy to read, and this one seems nicer.

it really is nicely typeset, if you have a tablet it will look good enough, although I agree on preferring paper in general :slight_smile:

Don’t be misled by the title, although it does not cover lower-level compilation targets, the second part of the book describes a bytecode interpreter. For all intents and purposes, emitting bytecode ~= compiling :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks, the story about the book is really inspiring and moving and I’m sure the book is great, I will check it out!


I followed the book from when it started until it finished. Bob is a great author. I also have his Game Design Parterns book which have helped me with software architecture decisions.

I recommend Crafting Interpreters to anyone interested in writing their own Virtual machines.

It may interest you that Bob Nystrom is also the author of Wren programming language.

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The printed edition is out on Amazon (>650 pages)

There is a recent article about the book 640 Pages in 15 Months – It is the continuation of the article mentioned in the first message of this thread.

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I’ll only start reading it after I’ve finished mine. The danger of either wanting to rewrite my book completely, or just burn it altogether is too high otherwise…

I just bought both his books, but I understand exactly what you mean.