Virtual Meetup: "Low-code on multiple platforms and across runtime environments"

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I am happy to announce that this Thursday (the 18th of November), Simon Schwichtenberg will hold the discussion about “Low-code on multiple platforms and across runtime environments”

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Today’s software products are often implemented with different programming languages and technologies. A multi-platform software product supports several target platforms while each platform comes with its runtime environment. An example is a mobile app that is offered for Android, iOS, and the web browser. If a single code base is developed for each platform, the development effort is multiplied. Another example is a SaaS with a microservice architecture, where individual services have different runtime environments. The same data structures and methods often have to be developed several times in different programming languages so that services can interact with one another. In the SaaS, for example, user input is validated on the server-side in a C#/ASP.NET component and also on the client-side in a JavaScript component. The validation logic must therefore be implemented twice. Low code is a type of software development in which software is developed with graphic elements and little text-based programming languages. Since the graphic elements are very abstract from what would have to be entered textually instead, the development effort is reduced. In his talk, he will present CrossEcore, a low code platform and framework for a variety of programming languages. From a graphical representation, CrossEcore generates C#, TypeScript/JavaScript, Java, and Swift code. The framework allows you to persist, query, validate your data, and much more. The code generated in different programming languages has a uniform API, which makes it easier to develop several code bases in parallel for multi-platform scenarios and facilitates interoperability across different runtime environments. He will demonstrate this with practical examples. Finally, the long-term vision of CrossEcore will be discussed.

Simon Schwichtenberg is currently a Cloud/Web Expert at dSPACE in Paderborn, Germany, and is working on the development of SIMPHERA, a web-based, highly scalable solution for the simulation and validation of functions for autonomous driving. CrossEcore originally arose from a research project between the University of Paderborn and an industrial partner. Since the successful completion of the project, he has continued to run it privately.

And if you are thinking of proposing a talk, it is time to come forward. Just let me know by replying to this message.

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