Virtual Meetup: " Live Programming requires Enabling Technology"

Hi Community,

I am happy to announce that next Tuesday (the 21st of March), Riemer Van Rozen will discuss “Live Programming requires Enabling Technology”.

You’ll find the Zoom link below!

Live programming brings code to life with immediate and continuous feedback. To enjoy its benefits, programmers need powerful languages and live programming environments for understanding the effects of coding actions and developing running programs. Unfortunately, the enabling technology that powers these languages is missing. Change, a crucial enabler for explorative coding, omniscient debugging and version control, is a potential solution. Our research aims to deliver generic solutions for creating these languages. In recent work, we have argued that an explicit representation of change is instrumental for how these languages are built, and that cause-and-effect relationships are vital for more precise feedback.
In this talk, Riemer will demonstrate a live programming scenario using a domain-specific language for game design. The audience will develop a feel and appreciation for 1) how live programming offers expressive power; and 2) how enabling technology simplifies constructing the necessary live languages and programming environments.

Riemer van Rozen is a postdoc at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2011 he has successfully collaborated with industry in applied research projects on languages and tools that speed-up development and improve the software quality. His research focuses on generic solutions for domain-specific languages and live programming environments in general, and automated game design in particular.

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