Just had an idea...with WASM

I had just realized an idea, though I haven’t done research on it yet. Just spent the last 10 hours trying to configure a local system for a work project, but I’ll be sure to do some research into this when I find the time to do so.

This idea of mine is a database management protocol that is based on web assembly. So what if we could have a protocol like HTTP, but instead for giving a payload of data to a receiving side, containing interpretive data about a database, like querying or feedback. These instructions will be sent across a network from a sender to a receiver that will contain a payload in web assembly format. This will be a fragment of an entire wasm program that will get executed on the receiver’s end in a wasm engine, which will then be executed as an executable.

| Sender -> wasm payload over network -> Receiver -> WASM engine -> Execution |
|    <-----------> Network <---------> |           |
|    ^                                 v           |
| Client                       WASM Server Backend |

I call this WASP: Web Assembly-based Sql-like Protocol. This protocol would be a specification for frameworks to integrate some communication format for db interaction in a client-server environment. The protocol would be minimally sufficient for Sql-like interfacing with a db without any kind of Sql. This would theoretically speed up databases significantly. However I am unable to experiment with it since I have my compilers (unfortunately more than one :frowning:) including kotlinx-llvm to work on as well as a full time job, but once kotlinx-llvm is production ready, maybe I’ll look into this idea more since LLVM supports WASM as a target, but I really don’t wanna bog myself down with too many projects, but I digress. I also wonder how this could be used in embedded systems and IoT. My job involves writing code for monitoring IoT devices, so I wonder if this could speed up the querying and interactivity with an IoT device.

Thoughts on this idea?

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