Virtual Meetup - MPSServer: transforming MPS into a webservice

Hi Community,

I am happy to announce that this Thursday (the 27th of May), Federico Tomassetti will hold a discussion about MPSServer: transforming MPS into a webservice.

Also, remember that in December, we changed the link to join the Meetup!

We will present MPSServer. MPSServer is an open-source component which permits to transform MPS into a web-service. It can be used in different ways: to generate artefacts from MPS models, to build external editors (e.g. web editors), or to build CI systems. We will discuss these scenarios, how MPSServer works and possible ideas for future development

Federico is the Founder of Strumenta Community; he got my PhD in Language Engineering studying between Italy and Germany. As a Software Architect, he helps Clients and Partners to assess their situation and identify the best option to solve their problem. He is very passionate about Language Engineering, and he contributes to the Language Engineering community by writing articles, participating in Program Committees at different conferences, giving presentations and interviewing other actors in this field.

And if you are thinking of proposing a talk, it is time to come forward. Just let me know by replying to this message.

How to connect

To avoid other security issues is now necessary to register for the meeting. The registration should be necessary just once and be valid for all the next meetings you will participate in. I understand it is a little extra effort, but it would avoid problems like the ones we encountered:

Registration for the Virtual Meetup

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. It will also permit you to add it to your calendar.


It is hosted on Zoom at 6 PM GMT+1/CEST (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: The Time Zone Converter).


P.S. We get a recurring question: “Are presentations recorded?”. The answer is not, and the reasons are explained here On recording Virtual Meetups - #7 by voelter