Why we are recording the Virtual Meetups from this year

For the first two years we chose not to record the Virtual Meetups. We explained why we did that choice originally here: On recording Virtual Meetups

So why did we change that policy?

For several reasons:

  • We are a small but very distributed community. It is impossible to find a time that works for everybody. While some participants from Australia are willing to join during their very late night, it is very hard for people outside Europe/Africa/West USA to join
  • For people in a timezone closer to Europe, often business or personal engagements make it impossible to join. We used to have meetups later in the day, but as we moved them to an earlier time this did not work for some people who are commuting back home at that time or still at work
  • We regret not having the possibility to see some past presentations or share them with new members of the community. Over the years we got some amazing talks and it is a pity that no one joining from now on will be able to watch them

For these reasons we started recording the presentations.

As a compromise, we record the presentation but not the final Q&A section. In this way we can keep some discussions more private, while being able to share the bulk of the presentation also with people who were not able to attend.

We hope this choice will make it possible for more people to watch these presentations on Language Engineering and for new members to watch them in bulk and learn from all of them