Who should we invite to speak in the Virtual Meetups?

This post is intended to contain your suggestions on people to invite.

These suggestions will then be discussed by the editorial board, which is currently composed by me (@ftomassetti , @Niko , and @PaulSpencer )


Hello, Editorial Board! :wink:

I suggest a meetup with somebody with knowledge about:

  • DrRacket
  • LLVM

Kind regards,

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I was going to mention the Racket/Common Lisp/Clojure track that I find interesting (as long as it’s just a sprinkle among other fields/topics).
Names that come to my mind:

  • Eli Barzilay (Racket)
  • Kent Pitman (Common Lisp – with a more historic/philosophical angle)
  • Nick Levine (Common Lisp – with a more industrial-oriented angle)
  • Rich Hickey (Clojure)

Generally, the term “DSL” is widely used in the Lisp camp but with a meaning which is not quite the same as we use here, though the core tenet (bringing the level of abstraction closer to the application domain) is the same.

Personally, I’m also interested in languages specialized in computer music, music composition, live performances/coding, and similar. There appears to be quite an overlap with the Lisp/Scheme/Clojure community in this space, but I don’t know the name of any potential speakers, and it would be probably stretching the DSL theme a bit too thin anyway.

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