Who else should we invite in the community?

Who do you think we should invite in this community?
Is there a category of persons interested in Language Engineering who is not well represented?
Any specific person?

I think we should invite anyone who has an interest in the topics we discuss.
We can do it through our newsletter and social network, or indicate the community page to people we think might be interested.

We could try Martin Fowler :wink: Not sure he’d be interested in this topic anymore, though.


Below are Twitter handles.

Anne Ogborne is a strong invite (@AnnieTheObscure) – she dragged me kicking and screaming into DSL land in the first place. Core contributor to SWI-Prolog, developed some testing languages, etc. etc.

Paul Bone (@Paul_Bone) is currently working on a new programming language.

Gabriel Gonzalez (@GabrielG439) is probably the strongest marketer in the Niche Languages/Domain Specific Languages space. He created the Dhall configuration language.

The data science space in general seems to be in desperate need of a Tensor Programming Language. Myself and a few others have picked up the scent, so it might be worth poking around there.

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We should invite Wim Bast wim.bast@gmail.com. I co-authored the book MDA Explained with him and he is the initiator of Dclare and Dclare4MPS, a fully declarative incremental transformation engine.


Well, I tried. Let’s see :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I wrote to the three of them

Good idea, I invited him

We could ask Stephen Blackheath. He’s not a “language engineering” guy, strictly speaking, but he co-authored a book on FRP and he’s behind the Sodium FRP library and a bunch of it’s implementations, which I find interesting, not least from a language workbench point of view.

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I was about to suggest @jdenhaan but apparently he’s already here.

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Paul Chiusano from UnisonWeb would probably be interested as well as interesting.

Ahmed Negm negmsoftware@gmail.com will be interested. He has built his own language tools in the past and we wrote a projectional web editor together at Mendix R&D.

Is there a place where we can see who is already part of this community, that will stop me from proposing people who are already members.



So far I did not manage a way to contact him

I invited him on LinkedIN

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It would be great to have him on board. If you are in contact with him could you please ask him to fill the form at https://strumenta.community? Then I can just make him skip the queue :slight_smile:

I tried to reach out to him but he hasn’t replied… I’ll let you know if he does.

Q. About Invitation Procedure

I have a list of collaborators who I’d like to invite due to their dedication to the topics discussed here.

I’m not quite sure how the invitation system works. So far, it seems that the only way is to write them and provide them with a link to Strumenta Community home page, where they can apply for subscription by entering their email adress.

But this isn’t really an invitation system, for it doesn’t provide the community admins with any hints regarding who invited the subscriber.

An Invitation Form for Active Members?

Doesn’t the software behind the forum allow to enable a real invitation system , where active members can invite third parties by providing their email address and add a custom message (that would be appended to a default invitation text)? This would be a better solution IMO, and would allow admins to know who is actually inviting new members (introducing a trust-policy of sorts).



Well, the fact is that there are not so many persons interested in Language Engineering, so given the current volume of requests we just accept all people. Initially, we let people in batches, while we were understanding how/if this would have worked, but right now anyone which is interested in these topics is welcome to join

Can you try to visit this page and see if you can invite people from there?