Which demos/topics for the next meetups?

We need more voluntaries to present something at the next meetup. Anyone willing to step forward?

This is a quite welcoming group, so feel free to raise your hand and propose something.

Also, is there any topic you would like to discuss in particular?


Hi Federico,

I’d be keen in presenting at an upcoming meetup, ideally May 21st if it is available, and if there is interest. I’d be talking about general purpose modeling in the context of information system applications using TextUML, Cloudfier, and Kirra, modeling using a programming language, plus a quick show-and-tell about my recent experiments with modeling user interfaces.

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Thank you for stepping forward!

I would be curious to hear about this. I have used TextUML while I am not familiar with the other tools. At a first look it seems like a lot of material, so we could also consider having two separate presentations. In general I think we could aim to 20-30 minutes demo, so that there is plenty of time for discussion both on the presentation and on other topics

Thanks, Federico! I will plan for a demo that is 25 minutes long, so yeah, I may have to leave some of that out. TextUML and Kirra are both part of Cloudfier (its modeling language, and its higher-level conceptual model), so it makes sense to present those three things together. I will probably leave the UI modeling part out, maybe just write a post about it. Does that make sense?

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Yes, Rafael, it sounds like a perfect plan. Thank you

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So is this today’s topic/presentation?

I think Rafael is going to present on the 21st of May. For today no one proposed a demo. So if someone want to step in it will be appreciated :smiley:

If no one step forward we can still discuss the Active Repository or, if someone is interested, I can demo WebEditKit (web editors for MPS)


Any one of those 2 would be very interesting.


I’m preparing a tutorial on Spoofax for PLDI. I’d be happy to give (part of) that tutorial in a meetup, preferably on June 4. The tutorial will cover syntax definition with SDF3 and type system definition with Statix. It is scheduled to be 3 hours, which is too long for the meetup, I guess. So I would choose one of the two topics.


Hi Eelco,
It would be great to have your presentation!
So far we have aimed to demos of 30 minutes to leave plenty of time for discussions.
We went once over time and it was a bit difficult for attendees as many persons are a bit tired at that time of the day.
We would also love to have multiple presentations if that works for you.

I will write down that the spot on June 4 is taken. Thank you!

Awesome! I’m not very good at giving monologues and prefer to interleave presentation/demonstration and questions/discussions. I have experimented some with Zoom, and that tends to work well.

I’d be happy to do another one on June 11 as well (I’m checking that a group dinner planned for that date will actually be canceled), running up to my PLDI demo on June 16.

I demonstrate (disambiguation in) SDF3 on June 4 and (name resolution and type analysis in) Statix on June 11.


It sounds good to me and I think the community will greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!

Hi, I was planning to give a demo of ProjectIt for June 4, but that is taken by Eelco. Could I do this demo on June 11?

For the readers of this thread: Jos and I discussed this by email and we will see ProjectIt on the 18/6!

Anyone willing to do a presentation on the 28/5 ?

Given that lately we’ve been talking often of low-code/model-driven/rapid application development tools for building business applications, for next week I could prepare a quick presentation about Portofino, which is another tool in that camp with a bit of a history (I think it’s getting 15 years old soon, or maybe it’s already older).
However, I don’t like doing just some kind of product comparison; I don’t think it would be particurarly interesting, and I don’t think it’s in the spirit of the meetup, or the community for that matter.
Instead, I’d like to give more of a historical perspective: where it comes from, where it is now, and where it might be going next, and why.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll throw something together quickly :slight_smile:


I am interested :smiley:
In particular the historical comparison and also on stories of adoption if possible

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A while ago I signed up to give a presentation about Spoofax in two parts on June 4 and 11. Here is the announcement:

The Spoofax language workbench supports the high-level definition of (domain-specific) programming languages by means of meta-languages and the automatic derivation of implementations from such definitions. A declarative meta-language allows the language designer to abstract from irrelevant implementation details and focus on the essence of a language.

This tutorial will provide an introduction to two meta-languages from the Spoofax language workbench for the definition of syntax and static semantics and demonstrate their application.

On Thursday, June 4, I will present

(1) Declarative syntax definition with SDF3: the extension of context-free grammars to syntax definitions by means of features such as constructors, layout templates, lexical syntax, and declarative disambiguation in order to derive full featured syntax aware editors.

On Thursday, June 11, I will present

(2) Name binding and resolution with scope graphs: the definition of a framework for the representation of a wide range of name binding rules, including (mutually recursive) modules and imports.

(3) Type system definition with the Statix constraint language: the interaction between name and type resolution and the automatic scheduling of name resolution queries in order to ensure that all information is collected before it is used.

While I am developing slides for my PLDI tutorial, for which these presentations are a rehearsal, I can focus on demonstration rather than slides if preferred. I prefer an interactive style and have a conversation with the audience.



Hi @eelcovisser, did I missed your presentation of SDF3 or has it been postponed?

Hi Denis, I am afraid you lost it, but you are still in time to attend the second presentation on Spoofax :slight_smile: