What about documenting in MPS?

Good day

If I’ll write my own corporate DSL, I anyway must provide some language manual for end-users.

What free tools MPS already has for this task?

I mean something like automated language manual building using some meta info spawned across language specification.


Hi Dmitry,

You could ask these questions in the MPS Slack: all the usual MPS experts frequent that, while only a proper subset of these are here.

You could ask these questions in the MPS Slack

The link you provided asks to have @jetbrains.com corporate email to login.

I don’t quite remember how to request and get access. Alternatively, the official MPS forum fulfills the same role: https://mps-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200363779-MPS

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I don’t recall it requiring a corporate email to access. Anyway, this is an interesting topic, and I would like to hear about it :slight_smile: