Virtual Meetup: Yona, a language implemented with GraalVM & Truffle

We are back from holidays and we are ready to have our next Virtual Meetup, this Thursday, the 3rd of September.
This week Adam Kövári will present to us Yona, a language he developed and released as open-source ( This language is implemented using Truffle and designed to take advantage of the GraalVM. Given the interest we got at the presentations around the GraalVM I expect this presentation to be particularly interesting for this community. The implementation takes also advantage of ANTLR.

Adam is a Czech developer who studied between Austria and Czechia. He worked as a developer at IBM and RedHat. He has since started his own software company.

Hope to see many of you at the meetup!


Thank you to @kovariadam and Fedor for the presentation!

Here are some notes from the chat:

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another extremely interesting reason was that they felt that Erlang’s actor model (“processes”) is too “low-level”. Indeed, it is not low-level as in “C low-level”, but as – and now I paraphrase – it forces you to think of the way you lay out and distribute such processes; while the goal for Yona was to let the user kind of ignore these details and let the language runtime to its magic.