Virtual Meetup: "Telosys - a flexible model for pragmatic code generation"

Hi Community,

I am happy to announce that next Tuesday (the 7th of March), Laurent Guérin will discuss “Telosys - a flexible model for pragmatic code generation”.

You’ll find the Zoom link below!

Telosys ( ) is a very light and simple code generator, designed to generate any type of text file and so any type of source code. The main objective of Telosys is to boost project starting thanks to code generation (scaffolding principle) but it can also be used for more specific tasks (database retro-documentation, migrations, etc). It works with a model and a set of templates.

The model is based on a DSL designed for the description of the entities managed by a project. It can be created from scratch or from a database schema. The DSL is using “neutral types” to remain independent of the target language, and it is simple enough to be parsed without any external library. It is also designed to be expandable to fit any specific needs. To do so it uses a concept of “tags”.

The templates are also customizable, they are written in VTL (Velocity Template Language). Each template is specialized to generate a certain type of file which can be any type of source file (Java, C++, SQL, SQL, XML, YAML, etc).

Last, but not least, everything is free and Open Source (code, templates, etc).

Due to its simplicity and lightness Telosys has been used in many projects to accelerate the bootstrapping and to establish development conventions.

This talk will present Telosys, what it is, how it works and how you can use it.

Some demos will illustrate the basic usage of Telosys.

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Laurent Guérin is Senior Solution Architect at Capgemini. He has worked in IT since more than 35 years and he held various positions like consultant, technical expert, tech-lead, software architect, innovation leader, etc. He currently works within the “OneCraft team”, a team composed of experts specialized in software craftsmanship.

Laurent is also an Open Source supporter, a speaker in different events and a part-time teacher at the University of Nantes.

He is passionate about industrialization, automation and development tooling. He designed and built Telosys based on his experience in the development world. After many years of work Telosys is now a mature project hosted by OW2 consortium and largely used around the world.

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