Virtual Meetup - Restarting in September

For a few months we had Virtual Meetups every Thursday and it has been great!

We have learnt on very different topics: we have seen demo of commercial and open-source tools, we have learnt from researchers, we have discussed new fascinating technologies.

Late July and August seem to be a slow period, particularly in Europe, where most of the participants to the Virtual Meetups are located.

So we could pause the Meetups until September.

Use this time to propose new topics!

  • Is there a project you started on Language Engineering?
  • Is there a tool you find interesting and are evaluating?
  • Is there an old idea of yours you would like to discuss with others?

These are all good topics. Any presentation is welcome: you do not need slides. If you have something to say on the topic of Language Engineering we want to hear it. We are a very welcoming and informal community, so do not worry and come forward with your idea.